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Organizing Boxes


This Guy's Haulin' is the professional moving and delivery service you're looking for. Our experienced team are here to make your moving process safe, secure, and insured. We take pride in making your Moving or Delivery experience worry-free and damage-free.

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Making The Move

The time has come. This Guy's Haulin' delivers a safe, secure, and insured moving experience. Our team of expert movers are adept at the art of "Box Truck Tetris", ensuring that all of your belongings are carefully and securely packed for the move. We work to ensure that your move will be a smooth and stress-free experience.

The Truck

This is where our expertise in "Box Truck Tetris" comes to play. Making sure your items are packed right and tight to avoid damage in transit. This is also where having chosen compatible sized packing boxes gives us an advantage.

The Truck

Knowing where and for how long we have parking at your location on Moving Day is important information to provide This Guy's Haulin'. Take pictures of the Driveway, Street or Loading Dock and forward them. While actively moving one of our team is always watching your items as they get loaded into the truck.

The Drive

We can follow you or meet you there.  We will try to travel the most efficient route to minimize time on the road but Vancouver Traffic is....

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